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LifeSavers Preventative Health Screenings

Our name really says it all! We are Lifesavers Health Prevention, and our mission is to deliver accessible, affordable, lifesaving preventative health screenings in the communities we serve.

Far too often, we see families devastated by the tragic loss of fathers, mothers, and even young athletes who could have been spared early death or a lifetime of disability by a simple health screening.

The current overall US Medical model is designed so that the patient is evaluated upon presentation of symptoms or for an extremely valid reason. Lifesaver's Preventative Health Screening's brings Premium Level Mobile Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound to you.

cancer screening If you can see cancer at stage I it is much simpler to treat than at stage IV when it usually presents itself and often is too late.
preventative If you evaluate the patient in a preventative method with ultrasound you would look inside the human heart instead of listening. This method can help detect abnormalities that could lead to Sudden Cardiac Death.
carotid ultrasound If you perform a carotid ultrasound and detect plaque with a 10% blockage the outcome is much better than when it is at 80% and potentially causing a life changing stroke.

To fulfill our mission, we have assembled a team of highly trained, experts in their specialties, all of whom possess extreme passion and unmatched professionalism.

The medical experts that represent Lifesavers Preventative Health Screening, LLC. consist of:

medican sonographer Nationally Board Certified Diagnostic Medical Sonographer's,
cardiac Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer's,
vascular Registered Vascular Sonographer's, &
world renowned World-Renowned Physicians.

This entire team has 100's of years of experience collectively and are dedicated to serving the health needs and providing a premium level concierge service in the communities we serve.

Each of these extraordinary clinicians are equipped and trained with the latest state of the art medical equipment in a mobile platform that allows them to quickly and professionally serve every client on site. Their expert skills, combined with this premium mobile diagnostic medical device, allows us to detect abnormal anatomy and suggest the appropriate course of action so we can reduce unexpected and untimely deaths and disabilities in all communities.



First Responders Screening and Testing


Lifesaver's provides the on-site service for medical requirements to satisfy NFPA 1582 and to find preventable catastrophes.

Exams provided include:

  1. Cardiac Screening - Detecting cardiac anomalies that can cause sudden cardiac death

  2. Carotid Artery Screening - Detecting blockages that could lead to stroke

  3. Abdominal Aorta Screening - Detecting Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms that could lead to imminent death

  4. Peripheral Vascular Screening - Detecting vascular disease including Deep Vein Thrombosis, Peripheral Artery Disease, and Incompetent Venous Structures.

  5. Vital Organs Screening - Detecting abnormal pathologies within the vital organs

"We are the Lifesavers for the Lifesaver"


Exams and Screenings provided by Lifesavers Preventative Health Screenings

Screenings for Student Athletes

Preventative health screening echocardiograms can be performed on your campus!

We know that students, parents and coaches all have hectic schedules. We want to make it easy and effortless for each student athlete to receive an Echocardiogram, performed by an expert registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer and evaluated by a Board Certified Cardiologist specializing in pediatric up to young adult hearts with specific research on athlete's. Contact us now for Upcoming Summer and Fall programs!

Adult Screenings

These screenings will provide in-depth detailed picture of the potential disease in the circulatory system.

corotid doppler Carotid Doppler Exam let venous Leg Venous Ultrasound
aortic Aortic Aneurysm Exam abdominal Abdominal Organ ultrasound
leg arterial Leg Arterial Ultrasound abdominal Thyroid and MSK (Musculoskeletal)

Non-Invasive Screenings

The screenings we offer are Safe, Non-Invasive, Non-intrusive ultrasound. We ensure expert level screenings and will provide timely delivered test results to our clients. In many cases, preventative screenings allow health professionals to provide simpler medical & personal solutions which ultimately will save lives.

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Scheduling a preventative screening is a wise investment in your health that will pay dividends for years to come. Make your appointment now – the next life we save may be yours!